Monday, April 5, 2010

In search of my double

As soon as I set foot in this country, I've been on the search for my double and what better place than the motherland.  All my life, I have never seen anyone that even resembles me.  I always see people that look like other people I know, but I’ve never seen another person look like me.  

I've gotten to the point of obsession (no surprise there), which is now driving my husband crazy (shocker).

I will even take a hybrid, but so far NOTHING.  

A 'hybrid' is when the nose up or the eyes down for example, resembles someone I know.  

So far, I've seen two hybrids of my brother Peter and his double.  Who looked at me like he recognized me, but my husband thinks it's because I was starring and looked like a crazy person on the street.

Four hybrids of James (another brother) and his double, a few hybrids of my mom and my dad seems to be everywhere.  Apparently on several occasions, my husband has almost gone up to strangers and called them dad in Korean.  (I think that would be funny :))

I see aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends and there kids roaming the streets of Daegu. I've even seen a double of a non-Korean friend, if she was heavier and Korean.   My cousin's plumper double works at this travel agency I popped into and they even have the same exact voice.  I was so stunned when I met her; I think I just started with my mouth open.  She looked at me strangely, because I forgot to answer her. I wanted to go back and show her the picture of my cousin and have them talk on the phone, to hear the voice similarities, but my husband put the kibosh on that.  He wants me to leave the travel agency lady alone and doesn’t think she would be interested. 

I would be excited if someone introduced me to my double (obviously, since I’m on the search). 

It's now gotten to the point where I‘m resentful, when I see someone else's double and start ranting about it to myself and to my husband.  But I plan to continue seeking for my doppelganger while we are here, so keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I’ll be able to post a picture of her soon.


  1. Your sparkly pink shoes would look really nice on your feet next to that pink truck. :) I've got my eyes peeled for your doppelganger.

  2. Thanks Marie! I should photoshop that in.:) I haven't seen your double here yet either.