Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Belated Balimoon


Need I say more?

We just got back from a belated honeymoon in Bali.  It was absolute paradise.

My Bali writing will continue through several posts, so bare with me.


We began our trip in Ubud, the cultural epicenter of Bali, and spent almost a week there. Ubud is towards the middle of the island and a hub of art, dance and music. We chose to stay in Ubud and take day trips to outlying towns from there. There was just so much to do, that we didn't really have a chance to explore downtown Ubud, which is quite small. Partly because we were out exploring when it was cooler in the morning and evening and poolside in the middle of the afternoon after a massage. (My husband was hooked after his first reflexology foot massage and we tried to get one everyday after that.)

So shopping and investigating all the shops was down to a minimum. Sadly, the lore of the shops were not as exciting, since we get plenty of curiosities living in Korea. If we had been coming from the States, it would be a different story. Plus we couldn’t get any great bargains, since apparently everyone thought my husband was an Aussie or Euro and I was his Japanese geisha. This just killed any deals of which we were hoping. What sucks more is that me being ‘Japanese’ hurt us more than my husband being a round eye. Damn the Japanese! 


Kenko Reflexology
Ji. Monkey Forest, Ubud

We only tried the foot reflexology massage and the hands, back, shoulders & head massage.  The foot massage was definitely the best at Kenko's.   
Both were 30 minutes and about 40.00Rp, which is about $4.50 USD due to our dollar continually going down.

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