Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Riff with Bruce & Rex

"Bruce, Rex, get into the pool!"

This is an embroidery of my dear friend Riff and his ex-pets (oranda goldfish).  Bruce is a black oranda at the top right / Rex is a red oranda towards the bottom / Riff is the one in flippers and goggles.

This embroidery image turned out a little different from the last one I did of my husband and Steve.  I've been having a difficult time lately, because everything I draw comes out realistic, which is not the look I'm going for.  I'm going to give Riff another try in the future, when I can loosen up my sketches. 

Riffy - Sorry you look lumpy.  It's not you, but a different stuffing I had at home. :)  I'm going to re-stuff it. 

My husband was lying on you last night... thought you would like that. hee hee :)

*Fabric is a natural linen with navy thread


  1. i love this! it totally looks riffy-esque! what sweet ex-pets, too! way to rock the embroidery - i think it's my favorite to date!!!!

  2. love 'em chena! the myles want one too, please?!

  3. love those little swim short Riff is wearing. So sexy Riff!