Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I apologize for not blogging for months and for the confusion with my blog disappearing for a few months between January and February.

Baby G
I had a baby boy (above) back in July, thus the blog posts stopping, and back in December my domain name was canceled by accident, which is why my blog disappeared from January to February.  But my blog and domain name are back and I will be blogging more in the upcoming future now that I'm getting settled with my little guy. 

Thank you for following me.


Baby G in his new knit bunny hat.
Super cute bunny hat and very easy!  I did change the band to a rib, but only because I was worried his head was growing so fast and I could make the hat bigger and the band a little tighter so he could grow into it. :)

My husband insisted I go with a colorful hat, since all the yarn colors I purchased for the baby are dove gray, medium gray, charcoal, cream, oatmeal, white and chocolate brown. (I guess there's a theme here.)  I was originally going to knit this hat in a light dove gray with a snowy winter white accent on the ears...  Maybe I'll make that for me. :)

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