Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dabbling with embroidery...

"A Boy and his Dog"

This is a pillow I embroidered for my husband as an anniversary gift for our first year being married.  It's an abstract depiction of him and Steve the Dog.  (Steve kind of looks like a sausage.)  

This all started, because I got an idea of a quilt design I wanted to make, which I could possibly create using a darning or stippling foot on my sewing machine.  Otherwise known as free-motion quilting.

So I started researching free-motion quilting and figured out that I could also use this same foot for embroider.  I purchased a darning foot for my machine and slightly modified it to work for me.

I would have posted my progress as I practiced this embroidery technique, but wanted to surprise my husband.  So I'm giving this to you all at once.   I practiced three times, before I attempted the pillow above.

This is my third practice piece.
"Dead Roach"

My husband was traveling for work the last couple of weeks and while we were chatting on the phone, I asked him to name an animal, since I was having a design block.  He was being difficult and said, "cockroach".  I know he was being funny, because he hates bugs and all crawly things.  So I went ahead and did a cockroach... but dead (to make it interesting).  Now he's living with it on our sofa for the time being and I'm now contemplating a dead bird pillow. :)

My second practice piece.
This little shrimp was great to practice because of all his legs.

My very first embroidery attempt.
"Pink Elephant"
I'm also pondering stitching my friends... :)

*Riffy- do you have a picture of Bruce and Rex?  I'd like to try and design one of you and the two of them.  hee hee


  1. you amaze me chene! it's difficult to pick a fave, but i must admit brad and STD i'm partial to. you have so much talent!!

  2. them as much as mai (with the F bomb!)

  3. chena, you're killing me with all your amazing work! LOVE IT all so much!!