Monday, August 2, 2010

sketching warm-up... 'detail of something in my house'

We are drawing a detail of something from our home.  It can be architectural or a close-up of an object, but it has to be something from my home.

I'm late posting this drawing.  Sorry Traci, I had house guests this weekend and didn't have time until today.  

I did panic a little today, when I couldn't see anything architectural to draw in my house.  All my furniture has really smooth straight lines, which is boring to draw and the 'architectural' detail in our house is really bad here.  So, I went with our sofa...

The next sketch is more of a phrase then a word or object, but it's all I can think of here in the jungle heat of Korea. How about we post on Wednesday for you and Thursday for me? Does that work for you T?

Phrase: Something cold...

Don't forget to check out Traci's drawing at Simple Huis.

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  1. I was totally late posting too! But I don't have an excuse. This was a hard one...I had good intentions but when I searched for something cool, nothing to be found. But something cold sounds fun!