Thursday, July 29, 2010

sketching warm-up... 'chair'

When I joined this Sketchbook Project, I thought it would be hard for me to put down my sketchbook.  Well, it's been the opposite... I can't seem to get started.  Maybe it's all the perfect blank pages and the fear of 'ruining my sketchbook', but I've hit a drawing wall.

On a positive note, my friend Traci is participating in the Sketchbook Project too, and she wrote me an email the other day saying, she was also freaked out.  So we decided to take turns every two days and select a word or object to draw, which we then post on our blog to show each other.  Since Traci has a blog too, this seemed like the perfect solution.  Now we have a time limit and we have to show our progress to someone.  Somehow this takes the pressure off me to draw something spectacular and it's nice to start with a friend.  We're going to give this a try, until drawings start flowing out. hee hee

For our first drawing, I selected an object - 'chair'.
(Apparently I can't seem to shake the designer-thing).
This is my version of the Cane Chair or also known as a Cafe Chair, which is surprisingly still quite famous and designed by Michael Thonet.  You see them around restaurants and bars in the States, but in Paris you see them in every cafe you go into or walk by.  If I remember my history of furniture, Thonet was known for his bentwood chairs and was the first to successfully achieve this process.

For those that are curious to see Traci's drawings too, check out Simple Huis.
(I haven't looked at Traci's drawing yet. :/  I've purposely waited until I finished my post, in case my chair sucked and it would discourage me to finish.  So, I'm super excited to be done and to check out Traci's process.)  If anyone wants to sketch with us, let me know?  Everyone is welcome!  

Traci - What are we drawing next?

Sketched with brown ink, color pencil, collage 

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  1. I love it! I like the collage/abstract approach. I knew you'd pick a designer chair and I know exactly what chair this is! Funny also because I just sold a knock-off Thonet rocking chair. I was curious about Thonet so I read up on him and found out he was the bentwood pioneer too! Ok, next subject to sketch is a detail from something in your home. Can be architectural or just a close up sketch of an object...but something in your home.