Thursday, July 22, 2010

My sketchbook arrived!

Well... it actually arrived almost two weeks ago.  

I'm sadly off to a slow and frustrating start with sketching for The Sketchbook Project.

I know.
There should be no pressure, but it's me and I can’t help it. I’m crazy.

Too many ideas and a need to have them be perfect before I start. I assume this is normal behavior for a very detail oriented person. :)

Topic that I selected is: "figuring you out"
              Sketch by. ckim
Currently I'm just trying to figure out, what I'm going to "figure out". Thinking about all the different ways I can translate my topic into sketches has paralyzed me. My mind has been bouncing with ideas of how "figuring you out" can be interpreted. I'm just not a hundred percent sure if I love the ideas enough, that it will keep me sketching until January. So I decided to just start sketching anything to loosen up my mind and hand. Maybe I'll never figure it out, but I've been having fun just getting something on paper.

The pear is my favorite subject to draw and paint. I have a little obsession with them. So what better way to christen my book with something I love to draw.

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