Friday, July 16, 2010

I ♥ poupettes

A dear friend of mine started Bonjour Poupette on Etsy a while back and has been a great inspiration and supporter to me and my craft.    I hope you all enjoy these delightful poupettes as I do.

"The word 'poupette' is a term of affection that could be translated as 'little doll', 'little puppet', or even 'poppet'." I got this description from my friends Etsy shop, for those that might have been curious about the meaning. 

I narrowed it down to four of my favorites from the collection to show you.  If you're interested in what other poupettes are out there, check out Bonjour Poupette.

            Vulture Figurine

            O My Deer Antlered One

            Crab Lady Figurine

             Bat Figurine

If you're curious...

My friend is also an amazing artist and writer and I can't wait to see everything she's been working on since I've been in Korea.  As soon as she gets her website going, I will share it with you all.  

d - It was really great talking to you this week!  I wish I could just stop by your studio and dabble with encaustics and have you there to instruct.  I've been obsessed with learning about this medium all week after I started researching it.  Thanks for sending those sites.  I'm going to pick up some oils next week to try...  -c

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