Friday, July 16, 2010

hedgehog pincushion

Why didn't I make this weeks ago?!?  

Instead, I've been annoyed for the last couple of weeks, due to the lack of a second pincushion that would have been helpful to have.  I made a bird pincushion last winter, but really didn't feel like making another bird.  I'd really like a squirrel pincushion, but finding a pattern for that has been difficult/non-existent, so I've been looking into designing my own pattern. 

Randomly I decided to search for a hedgehog (maybe because I miss Steve the Dog) and found this pattern from Urban Debris.  This pattern calls for felt and doing a blanket stitch, but I decided not to do that.  (Maybe in the future I'll remake another one in raspberry felt.)

FYI - This was sooo easy to make.  I cut the pieces out and sewed them all together in about thirty minutes. It took longer for me to decide on the fabric. 

Now that I look at this hedgehog... it could be a mouse, if you add a tail.  

Most of the body - is the paisley is a cotton quilting fabric
Part of the face - dot's on the chocolate fabric is a home dec fabric
The belly - is a sea glass blue wool.  

Hedgehog pattern

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  1. i love it! it also could become a porcupine... cuteness!