Tuesday, October 5, 2010

little lion and ramblings

This is just a random doodle I did between my word sketches while waiting for the train a couple weeks ago. I was actually thinking about embroidering this image, but ran out of time.  So for now,  I'm going to cheat and use it as my sketch word of the week, "Childish" that Traci selected. :)

Traci - I like your pick this week.  I should draw something new, but this was much easier for a slacker like me.

My word for this week is "Ardent".   I will post Ardent along with the next word Traci selects in two weeks. 

My husband and I are leaving this week for our honeymoon part deux. We are going on our second honeymoon.  Well, technically it's 2.5 honeymoons, since Korea partly counts. :)

We were going to take a nerdy architectural trip to Shanghai to see the Design Expo that will be ending in October, but sadly our visas could not be issued in time. Plus the cost of the visa is totally outrageous. So instead, we are going to a different communist country that only requires a two week waiting period to get a visa. Good old Vietnam. We're actually going to Hanoi and staying in the Northern region the whole time. Now I wish we worked Angkor Wat into this trip, because we are sooo close and this may be one of our last big trip in Asia.

For this trip I plan on eating my way through Northern Vietnam and praying I don't see a snake in my path.  I really don't like jungles.

I can't wait to eat tons of delicious crispy non sweet baguettes.  FYI - All breads in Korea tend to be sweet, even garlic bread. Oh and just because it looks like a baguette, doesn't mean it's a baguette.  It might feel crispy, but it's a trick. And if it looks like wheat, it's probably red bean.  Korea is the "land of contradiction".  (Well to me and all the other foreigners I meet.)  Koreans actually refer to Korea as the "land of the morning calm".  Not sure where they get this...

Oddly the first meal I was planning on having when I came back to Portland was a banh mi sandwich with a bubble tea.  Yum!

So obviously the first thing on my agenda is to get a banh mi sandwich and Vietnamese coffee. I can't wait!!! A banh mi slathered with pate with the works... mmm and real strong coffee.  (How about, just regular coffee that will taste like coffee!)  I seriously cannot wait!

I'll post photos and sketches when I get back.


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