Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye Korea

 It's been a little over one year, but we're now saying goodbye to Korea and heading to Washington DC.  Daegu, South Korea has been an interesting, fun and somewhat challenging place for us to live, but I am overall going to miss a lot of people, food and things you can only do and find in Korea.  (Like food delivery for cheap and so hot in 10 minutes or less.)  Didn't think I was going to say that six months ago, when I was craving anything but Korean, but the Korean food is really delicious and so very inexpensive.  Not sure what our last meal, will be, but we have been making very careful decisions for the last 12 meals we've have left here.
 We both picked #4 the Youngyang (Chestnuts, jujubes and pine nuts).  Delicious!!!
The amount of food is overwhelming, but so beautiful and interesting. We always order the smallest dinner at this restaurant 해밥달밥 Haebapdalbap (translated means sun rice, moon rice), which is still over 25 plates that come out. My hubby loves this style called Hanjeongsik, which is around $11 USD each.  This place is mostly vegetarian which I love and the atmosphere is cozy.

We start our new adventure tomorrow morning at 4:00am to catch a cab and fly out of Daegu, with a layover in Incheon (Seoul) to Narita (Tokyo) to SFO to Charlotte, to Reagan International (DC), where we will take a taxi to Maryland about 30 minutes to an hour away.  I've estimated that it will be about 34 hours of travel.  I hope it will not be more.  Ahh...

I'll write more when we get to our end destination.


Update:  Our trip took 34 hours from catching the cab in Daegu to being dropped off in front of the hotel in Maryland.   

If you are ever in Daegu and interested in checking this place out.  I can email you subway directions or an address to give to the cab driver, since this link is in Korean and I can't read Korean either. 

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  1. I'm so happy you were able to spend time in Korea. What an amazing adventure. Your posts from Korea were incredibly inspiring, beautiful, and unforgettable! You are so special and I await your future posts via D.C.! :-)