Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello DC!!!

We've been here since November, but haven't explored The District until the last couple of weeks.  I know... tragic.  But we have been making up for lost time by going out every weekend to explore, walk around and check out all the fabulous galleries. I really can't get enough of the galleries and love these "date weekends" with my hubby.

I want to devote a whole afternoon to the National Gallery of Art one of these weekends, but as we were running through we stumbled across one of my favorite Picasso paintings.  I heart the Saltimbanques paintings!  It was such a treat to see more of Picasso's work, especially since I had the chance to see the Picasso exhibit in Seattle this winter with my friend Cat, which was excellent.

My friend from "Bonjour Poupette" recommended this exhibit to me before I left Korea.  Thus why we ran through the National Gallery of Art to make it here before they closed for the day.

Photographs don't do this exhibit justice.  It's such an amazing exhibit to walk through and see in person.  The details and hand crochet is AMAZING!!!

This exhibit is temporary and will be gone at the end of April.  I think they will move to New York next?

This is outside the Hirshhorn in there sculpture garden.  I am not the biggest fan of sculpture, but so far love the sculpture gardens we have visited here in DC.  The whimsical and ironic sculptures are always my favortie and there are plentiful here.

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  1. Madden loved those images of the coral reef! He also asked if you were Mai! :)