Monday, March 28, 2011

pizza & superbowl

Okay... Who are we kidding.  I didn't even watch the game this year.  I don't even know who played, but the pizza we made was delicious and memorable!!!

My dear friend Kenny made us mini pizza's a while back and told us, he is trying to perfect the pizza dough recipe.  This inspired me to try making he's mini pizza's which were very fun and such a clever idea.   I made mini pizza's for a month trying different doughs and adding wheat flour in everything I could.  But for the Superbowl, my husband wanted a regular size pizza with more common toppings and no wheat flour.  We decided this an hour before the game, so I was looking for a quick dough that I didn't have to knead.  I don't knead bread.

To my delight, my husband use to work in a pizza restaurant in high school and surprised me with he's hidden talents.
 He knows how to knead, toss and make pizza.  Who knew?!?
We made a half meaty pizza and the other has pineapples and no sausage.  I have the weirdest cravings sometimes.
Pizza Dough III - This is the pizza recipe we used for the Superbowl pizza above.  It turned out well, but my husband said it could be better.  He added a butter garlic sauce on the crust which was yummy.

No Knead Pizza Dough - I made this with apples and brie, since that was in my fridge.  I used half white and half wheat flour.  It turn out to be really flat like flat bread.  Not sure if it was from the wheat flour or that my yeast had expired.  (I didn't realize that yeast had an expiration date.)

Whole Wheat No Knead Pizza Crust - Again this dough turned out flat, but I think it was from my expired yeast that I didn't know about.  Oh, we used the "Red Pizza Sauce" recipe recommended on this blog, for the Superbowl pizza above and it turned out well.

No Knead Pizza Dough by Jim Lahey - This was another recipe I tried and instead of using white flour, I substituted wheat flour and used my expired yeast.  This was not as flat as the other two above, but thicker.  I'd like to try this again with good yeast.

FYI - it was after making five pizza's and trying to bake a bread in my crockpot that failed, did I finally google, "why my crockpot bread didn't rise".  Apparently yeast that has expired doesn't rise well or at all.  So now I know.  Not sure if I'm going to try my crockpot bread again though...  I just like the smell and texture of baked bread. 

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