Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adventures of Steve the Dog - "I thought we were swimming... so where's the water?"

I thought we were swimming... so where's the water?
2010 | acrylic & ink on wood box | 5" X 5"
This is Steve's girlfriend Estella Rose, who loves to swim.  Stelli loves the water as much as Steve loves to run.  As a precaution she always wears a life jacket when she swims.  Stelli never wants to get out of the water, even if she is exhausted.  
She's resembles a seal in the water.


  1. i am speechless - laughing + crying - at how perfectly you have captured Stella, Steve, and The Myles. This new direction makes me scream with excitement -I love everything about it so, so much. Julie, Marie, and I almost called you last night when we were on your site because we cannot get over your perfect portrayals (and because Julie and Marie are jealous and want Rudy and Bailey painted too :) You're awesome Chene! Let me know when your Etsy site is up and if you do commissions!

  2. Did you hear the collective screech (all the way in the Old Country) that we let out when we saw this?? Stelly has never looked so wistful and sweet. Yes, please let me know too when you start taking commissions!! I am very jealous. :)

  3. I love these paintings! My jaw is still dropped in awe of your talent. Chen...seriously!!! I can't wait for you to have your own studio in P-town one day!