Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adventures of Steve the Dog

I've got my running shoes on, so where's the ball?
2010 | acrylic & ink on wood box | 5" X 5" 

I've been painting a series of Steve and what his daily life is like.  This series was never something I intended to paint, and happily stumbled into it by accident.  

It all started because I wanted to paint a picture of Steve with a zipper on his belly for my husband.  I know this sounds weird, but my husband thinks that Steve is a little boy in a dog suit.  So for fun, I wanted to portray that in a painting.  

I started by looking at all the pictures I could find of Steve to study the way he looked, since I normally don't paint animals.  As I was doing a test drawing, I saw this series come to life in my head and how I could put it on my Etsy site.  These paintings will be for sale after I find a place in Korea that can scan the paintings, so that I can create a limited number of prints.  I'll add the link to my Etsy site as soon as I get these paintings scanned.  

I hope you all enjoy Steve's adventures as much as I do. 


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