Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little about Steve...

Steve is the happiest and most sweet natured dog I've ever met. He just wants to be your friend. Steve’s favorite thing in the whole world is to run and chase the ball.

Besides having similar hobbies as most dogs, he typically ignores other dogs and doesn’t seem interested in them at all. He prefers to be around humans more and is a bit of a loner. Maybe it’s because he’s an only child, or because he thinks he is human.

He's best friend is a stuffed little hedgehog that used to squeak. He usually destroys his toys, but he has never killed his hedgehog. If you ask him where his hedgehog is, he will go and retrieve it from where he left it last. He likes to carry it around, sleep with it and bury it. His other friend is Carl the Cat. He likes to chase Carl and likes for Carl to chase him back. Strange...
Until recently Steve didn’t seem interested in boys or girls, but that was before he met Estella (Stelli for short). Stelli is Steve’s girlfriend and partner in crime. The funny thing is, Stelli also thinks she is human and usually doesn’t pay attention to other dogs either. I wonder if that’s why the two of them get along so well or the havoc they cause together. 
My favorite parts on Steve are his two gigantic spots (one on either side of his body), Frankenstein head and the fur at the tip of his tail. Although he is not a good 'finder' dog and probably couldn't survive in the wild. He oddly has natural instincts to dig and bury his hedgehog. Well, actually he has never really dug in dirt before. He walks around our living room and pretends to bury the hedgehog, as he paws the air and pushes the hedgehog further in the 'dirt' with his nose.  

Photos starting from the top:
Steve somewhere near Maupin in Central Oregon \ Steve in his running shoes at the track\ Steve with his hedgehog friend \ Steve and Stelli on a hike at the beach \ My husband and Steve in the snow \

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